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Training Youth To Succeed

The Rites of Passage Initiative is a multi-level program aimed to address risk factors that make adolescents more susceptible to developing violent behavior, such as social or cognitive problems, associating with peers who are violent, beliefs that support the use of violence, and academic failure or poor commitment to school and community.


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The Rites of Passage program is highly effective 2-step in transforming negative behaviors and setting at-risk youth on a positive path. 

Step 1

Group & one-on-one modular instruction engages youth in straight forward, honest, non-threatening discussions that break barriers.  

Step 2

After the modular phase, one-on-one follow up engagement with youth and positive extra curricular engagements reinforces learned behaviors. 

Step 3

Our 50% parent participation requirement ensures engagement with the entire family creating more productive and progressive interactions. 



"The Ryzer program has been profound in my child's development in decision making, integrity and accountability. It has been instrumental in teaching him to express his feelings in a healthy way, and problem solve while maintaining self control. Through this program's mentoring he is now respectful of himself and others, while learning that his actions have consequences that can affect the trajectory of his future endeavors. This program has given my son the discipline, and structure needed to be a productive and upstanding citizen. "

"Ryzer has been one of the best things that has happened to our family! We couldn't be more grateful for Dr. Ellison and Mr. Tod Rose, their impact on my sons life has made such a lasting difference. His attitude, outlook, and respect towards authority and the rest of the family has significantly improved. We thank Dr. Ellison personally for his impact on our sons behavior and attitude. All we can say is Thank You! "

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"The program has helped me and my son so much, we have a better relationship, he even opens up to me more now. Over all the program gave me better advice on how to take care of my son and deal with any problems at home." 

"I’m truly thankful for the Ryzer program because it taught my son valuable decision-making lessons that will not only impact his current behavior, but he can carry these lessons throughout life. It brought a better sense of awareness and encouraged him to understand how each action impacts many levels in his life."

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