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The Rites of Passage program is a pre-trial multi-level program that addresses risk factors that make adolescents more susceptible to developing negative behaviors and prevents them from entering the juvenile justice system. We aim to: 

  • Strengthen the capacity of youth to develop positive behavior and resist violence by addressing social, emotional, and behavior issues, skill-building, leadership development, talents/interests, and self-confidence.

  • Develop partnerships with agencies and employers to provide educational and vocational advancement training based on students interests

  • Provide module instruction that builds confidence, self awareness and modifies behavior patterns. 

Training Youth To Succeed

What is Ryzer Uplift?



It is a four-week pre-juvenile intervention program designed to accomplish three key goals: 

  • To raise individuals' awareness of the consequences of their attitude, decisions, and emotional state. 


  • To promote the improvement of individuals' behaviors to help keep them from entering the juvenile justice system and avoid further problems


  • To cause youth to feel more positive, cheerful, and optimistic about their current situation and future outlook 

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Training Young Men To Succeed

The ECRA began in April 2004 with the mission of training men to be responsible, productive, and law-abiding citizens. Through a focused 6-8-week training course, we equip men from all walks of life with the mental tools to make better decisions, eliminate erroneous belief systems and establish a “Web of Support” for sustained success. The web of support concept employs methodologies such as lectures, relationship development, small group discussions and one-on-one interaction to create positive change in the lives of men. ECRA has proven effective in helping graduates achieve improved health & employment, positive behavior changes, reduced substance abuse, more community involvement, and healthier happier families. With this model, ECRA will bring positive change to men’s lives locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally.

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